Research on the Production of SAF and Other Bioliquid Fuels from Biomass and Waste Plastics” was presented.

From September 20 (Tue) to September 22 (Thu), 2022, we made a poster presentation at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Waste Resource Recycling held at the University of Miyazaki.

We are also developing an advanced recycling process to produce sustainable biofuels from woody biomass and waste plastics using R-CFP technology. “R-CFP” is the name of our proprietary rapid catalytic pyrolysis (REVO-Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis) technology using a carbon source catalyst.

The raw materials used are cedar powder and waste plastics, and the results have confirmed the effect of improving the yield of SAF, and the research results have made great strides toward the spread and expansion of next-generation biofuels (SAFs).

We will continue to make efforts for research and development with the aim of further advanced resources using R-CFP technology.

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