Is it possible to purchase “C-FUEL”?
YES. Please click on “Contact” bottom to ask for a detailed information and price range on C-FUEL.
Could it be possible to use “C-FUEL” during winter season (colder region)?
It depends on how cold your region gets. We have been using our C-FUEL for many years in northern part of Kyoto where the low temperature reaches as low as -8°C.
Is it necessary to remodel a body, an engine or any other parts of a vehicle for C-FUEL?
NO. You don’t need any remodel for your vehicle. Please check your vehicle regularly for your safety.
What is the “Kyoto Standard” referred to?
It is an interim standard to correspond for new vehicles in order to keep the biodiesel fuel at high quality in Japan based on expertise collected from experiences in Kyoto and case studies in EU and U.S. where the standardization of the biodiesel fuel is available. As a seasonal effect, the pour point (less than -7.5°C) and the cold filter plugging point (less than -5°C) have been set to clear the lowest temperature in winter in Kyoto.
What is JIS K2390?
It is a quality standard for “Automobile Fuel – Mixing with Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME)” of Japanese Industrial Standards.
It is necessary to define the characteristics of the biodiesel fuel for blending diesel oil to keep the adequate quality of B5, thus stated in the JIS K2390.
JIS K2390 is established to blend with diesel oil within 5% of FAME concentration and any blend shall be met with this standard and mixed within 5%.
Resource: JIS K2390 [Automobile Fuel – Mixing with Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME)]