REVO International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) establishes a policy guideline for protecting Personal Information, develops a scheme for the guideline, and inform its importance and affirm the implementation of this program to all of our employees, thus we will move forward to protecting your Personal Information.

Management of Personal Information

We will keep your Personal Information accurately and up-to-date, and in order to prevent unauthorized access/ loss/ damage/ falsification/ leakage of your Personal Information, we will take necessary actions for strict management on Personal Information by maintaining our security system, developing a management system, and training our employees and implement safety measures.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Any data obtained from your Personal Information will be used for the contact and response from us by e-mails and postal matters.

1.Providing Personal Information to the Third Parties
(1) We will manage your Personal Information adequately. We will not provide them to the third parties without any consent from you in advance, except in the following cases.

<1> In the case of Subcontracting to an outsourcing contractor.

<2> In the case of the basis on the laws and regulations.

<3> In the case when it is necessary to protect for human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain a consent from the person of the subject.

<4> In the case when it is particularly necessary to improve public health or to promote a development of healthy children, and it is difficult to obtain a consent from the person of the subject.

<5> In the case of cooperating any clerical work stipulated in the law performed by government authorities, local governments or their subcontractors, conducting the work may be intervened due to obtaining a consent from the person of the subject.

(2) In the case if we provide our customer information to our contractors as mentioned in <1>, we will take appropriate actions to instruct and supervise for our contractors not to leak any of your Personal Information and any other incidents regarding to your Personal Information.

Safety Measures on Personal Information

We will take all possible measures on information security in order to ensure accuracy and safety of Personal Information.

Inquiry of the Person in Question

If you like to inquire/ modify/ delete your Personal Information, we will do so after we confirm whether the request has been made by the person in question.

Complying to the Laws and Regulations, and Modifying Our Privacy Policy

We will comply with the Japanese laws and related regulations regarding Personal Information that we possess, and we will revise our Privacy Policy time to time for its better use.

Questions about Our Privacy Policy

Please make a contact with us regarding handling Personal Information.