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What is "C-FUEL"?

We are recycling used cooking oil to "C-FUEL" that is utilized as alternative fuel for diesel driven engine.
It is considered to be efficient way to construct resource recycling-oriented society, and the following are some advantages.

C-FUEL (biodiesel fuel), which was produced by recycling, will reduce exhaust gas pollution. If used cooking oil is recycled, it will contribute to prevention of environmental pollution as it reduces the volume of used cooking oil to be incinerated or washing down to drainpipes.

C-FUEL is...

Reproduction of approx. 90 liters per 100 liters of used cooking oil.

It can be safely used as equivalent to petroleum diesel oil because safety, cursoriality, and fuel consumption are equally compared to those of petroleum diesel oil.

Safety Standards under Road Trucking Vehicle Law (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Mandatory Standards under Petroleum Quality Reservation Law (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
With regard to Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

It can be used for a ready-made diesel powered car without any additions or changes as it makes a favorable comparison with a low-emission car, such as a battery car and a car powered with natural gas. So, there is no need of concerns about the cost for acquiring a car, etc. because of high adaptability and practicability