C-FUEL (SUPREME: 100% Biodiesel)

(SUPREME: 100% Biodiesel)

A 100% biodiesel fuel.

  • An alternative fuel for diesel oil in which a product of chemical reaction of vegetable oil with methanol (transesterification) and purification process by removing glycerin.
  • A recycled product made by used vegetable oil.
  • Meets the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) requirements for “automobile fuel – Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) for mixing purpose”

CF-5 (PLUS: 5% Mixed Fuel)

(PLUS: 5% Mixed Fuel)

A premium diesel mixed 5% C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel) with regular diesel.

  • Reduce carbon dioxide up to 5% compared with a 100% petroleum diesel.
  • Has been used for school buses, delivery trucks, and visitor transport in theme parks in Japan.

CF-20 (Premium: 20% Mixed Fuel)

(Premium: 20% Mixed Fuel)

A premium diesel mixed 20% C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel) with regular diesel.

  • In Kyoto, a series of test runs had been conducted from FY2009 through FY2013 using 95 municipal buses on the regular commercial services.
  • Based on the test runs in Kyoto mentioned above, efforts are made to continue test runs and spread of its use in private sector with a cooperation of authorities in Japan.
Welcome to Kyoto Municipal Waste Edible Oil Fuel Production Facility

-Price may vary depending on the purchase quantity, shipment destination, and a shipping form.-

Generally speaking, because of instability of Used Cooking Oil (UCO), a raw material for the biodiesel fuel (BDF), it requires a lot of know-how to steadily maintain its quality at higher level. Our “C-FUEL,” on the other hand, is being made by our own technology with accumulation of know-how, keeping stable quality, and continuing to make a record of supply performance, the only one of its kinds in Japan.

If using a 100% biodiesel (B100) instead of a 100% petroleum diesel…

  • Reduces about 2.58 kg of carbon dioxide emission per liter into the air(carbon neutral).
  • Reduces black smoke in an exhaust gas, which causes asthma and other health issues, up to 1/3~1/6 level.
  • Almost hardly any of SOx (sulfur oxide,) which causes acid rain, to be emitted.
  • Almost all the UCO will be converted to C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel), thus precious energy resources in Japan where balk of energy has to be imported.
  • Prevents air pollution and water contamination due to a dumping of UCO.
Achievement of C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel) Plant

We have a long history of experience with C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel)
  • In 1997, first time in Japan, the Ministry of Transport (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism at present) approved for us to run a vehicle using biodiesel fuel on the public street.
  • It satisfied with JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) requirements for “automobile fuel – Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) for mixing purpose.”
  • Number of local governments as well as private companies have been using C-FUEL(biodiesel fuel) since late 1990s.
  • We possess many of patents for our proprietary manufacturing technologies in EU nations, South East Asian nations, the United States and number of other countries and regions.
  • It is possible to use at colder weather where it reaches as low as -8°C in winter.
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Photo, 20 Feet Dry Container-01
Photo, 20 Feet Dry Container-01
Photo, 20 Feet Dry Container-01

Photo, 20 Feet Dry Container

We are ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate) and DDC (Dutch Double Counting) certified company.

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